Vigneron: Gérard Chastagnol

Mas Levigne vins de pays de Cahors

The Project

Mas Levigne

Mas Levigne

Mas Levigne

Mas Levigne


The start

Rugby after the heyday of youth, then a commitment to the engineering profession, a devourer of time, finally coming of age with a passion for the vine and wine ...


A need to return to simple values​​, nature, calm and to regain lost farming roots, I chose to get involved in a project to create a small vineyard with the firm will to produce wines.


The constraints on the driving force of the vineyard, its vines, the planting density. Limits freely chosen, directed me to a geographic location just outside the appellation of Cahors.



The choices

Recognition of the 'terroire' led by LAMS Lydia and Claude Bourguignon, the choice of grape varieties from working with Bernard Grandchampm'ont naturally leads to the selection of the varieties Merlot for red and Chardonnay for whites, supplemented by a small plot of Sauvignon blanc.


On clay-limestone base Kimmeridgian, with occasional pockets of red clay to cobble siderolithic, we selected rootstocks low type A or Riparia 420 with an average density of 6,700 vines per hectare with a distance of 1.50 meters between the rows.


Getting the plants started was sometimes difficult, "real" farmers did not fail to give me all kinds of advice about the vineyard.

Finally, after tasting the first vintage of Merlot called "Prelude" they could be convinced ...



The means

A chance encounter with a retired farmer led me to the village of Maxou near the hamlet of Brouelles in a place called Le Vigne ... .Already a good sign ...

Then it was the search for land, land purchases, research planting rights ... a real obstacle course for a non-farmer ...


First plantings took place in 1997 and in 2000 for the Chardonnay ...


After a decade of struggling during the harvest, with the winemaking taking place at my home in Cahors ten miles away ... and great memories with friends, children, neighbors, etc ...

I decided to build a winery in the vineyards of Mas Le Vigne.



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